My name is Vanessa and I love finding the beauty in life and then capturing it on film. Small and simple or big and bold. I am YOUR director of possibilities and want to help create and save memories for you through the lens!​


I am currently taking clients who are looking for a photographer that combines their personal wants and needs with my own creative, explorative techniques and style. My journey in the field of photography is ever-changing, a continuous evolution of innovation and passion, and I am looking for people who want to be a part of this creative process!


I am aware of how costly professional photos can be and also acknowledge the amount of work it takes to produce perfect pictures. However, I do believe in offering ethical pricing to my clients - I believe everyone should have the opportunity to capture special moments. Please inquire within for more information on packages.


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Tel: 587-888 -3698

Email: vanessamorrowe@live.com

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